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Why You Need a Send-Off Brunch

A wedding send-off brunch is a wonderful way to end your wedding weekend celebration and thank your guests for attending your special day. There are so many reasons why you NEED to plan your wedding send-off brunch with the Club. Continue reading below to see all the opportunities a send-off brunch can give you and your guests.

One of the biggest reasons why couples host a send-off brunch is because it provides an opportunity for you to say goodbye to your guests and thank them for joining you on your special day. It also extends the celebration and gives you more time to spend with loved ones you may not see as often.

After a long night of celebrating, brunch is a more relaxed and casual way to end the wedding festivities. It allows your guests to unwind and enjoy the final moments of the weekend. We recommend starting your brunch around 9am or 10am to allow your guests to get enough sleep. Brunch also provides nourishment for your guests before they hit the road or head back to their hotel. It’s a thoughtful way to show you care about their well-being.

Let’s face it. During your wedding, you may not have had the chance to talk to everyone. A brunch is a more intimate setting than your wedding reception, providing a great opportunity to socialize and catch up with guests who you may not have had the chance to chat with.

What better place to plan your send-off brunch than at the same venue as your wedding? Yes, our Club truly can provide it all for your special occasion! The Club is the perfect place to host your brunch because your guests will already know where they are going. Our catering experts will help make planning this extra wedding celebration a breeze!

Overall, a wedding send-off brunch is a lovely way to end your wedding weekend celebration and say thank you to your guests. It provides an intimate setting for socializing, relaxing, and extending the celebration while ensuring your guests are well-fed and ready for their travels home. When you are ready to start planning, reach out to our team at [email protected].